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Montag, 1. April 2013, 10:35

Rules of Gegenerdeverbund 04/2013

Wellcom in the Gegenerdeverbund
Rules from 04/2013


Waffenliste des Gegenerdeverbundes Stand 04/2013

All question weaponlist related should be adressed to Hanibaal Mohr.

Moderatoren und Admins im Gegenerdeverbund Stand 04/13

Artikel I. Basic Rules
part 1.01 language
- Main language is German
- Who wants to play in this area and did not speak German has to assure that everyone can unterstand what is spoken.
- OOC has to be in (()) and should not disturb the roleplay
- Everyone who leaves the landing area, agrees to the fakt that all in open chat may be recorded for administrativ duties and used for those.

part 1.02 Avatars
- Avatars need to be adult and over 1.55m tall
- All Animal avatars need to be allowed by administration
- All avatar not human are animals for the rules

part 1.03 Clothing
- Clothing should be matching to your character in a play or you need to bear the consequences
- Free woman should not run arround with naked belly or like a slave
- Slave should not run arrond like free woman
- Try to avoid clothing that emits particles

part 1.04 currency and L$
- If you are IC there are not L$, so dont use L$ in your RPs
- Allowed is every kind of RP- currency
- Should someone insist on a currency of a special type of system and you dont have some of these, you can stop the trading and inform an Mod/Admin.

part 1.05 Movement
- NO Flying
- NO Hillclimbing without grapple and shouted emotes
- Entrance and exit of the sim ist the landingspot (excluded are residents logging in in there Houses)
- NO Teleporting into the sim.

part 1.06 Visitors & Pilgrims
- Observer has to wear the Observer-tag 􀀌
- Observer walk without permission only in open areas.
- Pilgrims are welcom but there is no immunity for them

Abschnitt 1.07 Sexual acts & Limits
- Intim Sexual acts alway need OOC Permission
- The IM call „RP STOP“ ist always a STOP for clarification
- Limits has always to be respected if the limits are not agains the simrules
- Limits like „no collar“ and „no stripping“ or things in this direction are not gorlike and not matching to a force collar sim. Personst with those limits has to leave or accept that these limits are not active here.

Artikel II. Cheating
- shooting through walls due tot he SL Rezz-Bug
- using of programmexploids
- turning off the alphas
- usage of tools for autoaiming and target following
- usage of not stats conform weapons
- usage of more than one weapon at the same time

Artikel III. Safezones & OOC Areas
- Landing areas are safe zones if there is a marking for safe zone
- Rezzing zones are the landing zone out of sky markets, this zones are only 15 minutes safe
- OOC-Zones are all Buildings in the Sky.

Artikel IV. Combat & Capture
part 4.01 Combat basics
- All Sims in the bundle are full-combat and force-collar sims
- All persons without the observer tag must wear a aktuall Gorean Meter (GM)
- All personst using arena-mode in the RP-Area without mod oder admin permission will be banned for 3 days.
- If you enter landing or rezzone in combat you man not reenter combat for 30 minutes.
- All persons laying in the bubble can only moha or speak silent (NO Shouting)

part 4.02 Weapons & Shields
- Allowed are all gorean Weapons (sword, scimitar, bow, crossbow, dagger, knifes, spear, whip and so on)
- All weapons need to be from a treader listed in the newest weapon list. (Waffenliste des Gegenerdeverbundes Stand 04/2013)
- All weapons you want to use need to be as visible prim on your body.
- All arrows like poison and Fire arrow are not allowed.
- Shields are allowed if they are with original Gorean Meter shield script.
- Shields are only allowed in combination with onehanded weapons.

part 4.03 Traps
- Spikes, plants: speed 3s with trap damage (6%-15%)
- little animals : speed 2s with (15%) damage
-bog animals : speed 3s with damage (30%)
-rock smaller then 1m³ : per rock 3s delay und damagetype Trap (6%-15%) (m³ = 1m*1m*1m)
-rock bigger then 1m³ : per rock 10s delay und damagetype great(30%)

part 4.04 Break-in
- Climbing ropes must have a climbing animation and need to be shouted in 3 Emotes.
- Break-in tool need to be carried visible on your body
- You cant bend ironbars or things like this with your hands
- If you break in or our you need to emote everything and stay realistic
- When noone is in the camp, theft is only possible with detailed log of your emotes.
- Bouring down empty camps is not permitted.
- Attacking empty camps is also not permitted

part 4.05 tie, untie, healing (Aiden)
- If you take a captive at these sim you agree the woman my take part at the rescue like man.
- Disarming should be done by emoting every weapon or object separately.
- Binding has to be done with 3 emotes (disarming is not part of binding)
- Selfunbinding is only permitted if you are bond for 15 minutes (starts with the bindings of the meter)
- Selfunbinding needs a minimum of 5 emotes
- To aid someone you need to do 3 emotes
- The captor is responseble for clarification of timing in case of roleplay brakes
- The captive is responseble for clarification of the limits, as soon as possible.
- Force-collar is a maximum of 3 Days if not agreed different

part 4.06 Rescue
- If you take a captive at these sim you agree the woman my take part at the rescue like man.
- Rescuetimer starts with the end of combat.
- Rescuetimer is 2h
- If not agreed different, while rescue you are not allowed to take defenders as captives with you
- There are no rescue-animals or things like this.
- If you are captured you my give you group an hint that you are captured but not of whom or were.

part 4.07 Raids
- Raids need not be declared before
- Is it edviced to inform a mod from beginning of the raid, so he can be a referee.
- Raid is every attack over 5 avatar attacking.
- 1 Raid per group at 24h if not agreed different
- If the attackers are 3 combatants mor then defender they are not allowed to take captures (if not agreed different)

Artikel V. Kills & Death
part 5.01 A Kill needs
(a) For a kill an ooc agreemant ist needed (otherwhise the person is not ghost, the person i in coma then)
(b) Only 1 Kill per person in 24h
(c) 30 minutes RP before (combat doesn’t count)
(d) Kill need 3 Emotes
(e) Kill ist only valid with NC with all point aboth in and send to an Admin or Mod 􀀊

part 5.02 Death
- Death last 120h (5 days)
- Suicide is 168h (7 days)

Artikel VI. Invalid und RP-Abbort
- Invaild calling is only allowed for mods
- A combat could only be paused and abbored by an Mod or Admin
- If you abored RP this counts only for your self.

Artikel VII. Moderatoren/Admins
- Mods are Moderators without estade-rights
- Admins are Moderator with estade-rights
- Improper behavior towards Mods or Admins will not be tolerated. (results alway in ban)
- We reserve the right for us to publish things related to offenses in our nonpublic admin forum.

abridgment of: Moderatoren und Admins im Gegenerdeverbund Stand 04/13

- Hanibaal Mohr
- lackhuellthaut Lane

responsible persons:
Greenland: Stummer Helfer
Semris: IceRain Causten
Arduer: Ayana Convair